'90s kids rejoice: Crystal Pepsi returns to store shelves this summer!

Crystal Pepsi, the clear cola introduced in the 1990s, will be re-released to stores this summer (Photo: PEPSICO / MGN)

First Ecto Cooler, and now this: Crystal Pepsi will return to store shelves in the United States and Canada later this summer.

PepsiCo announced Wednesday that the clear cola that retro-bloggers remember fondly will be released in 20 ounce bottles starting August 8 in the U.S.

Canadian fans of Crystal Pepsi will get to enjoy the drink nearly a month sooner, starting July 11.

Last December, Pepsi gave away a limited number of bottles of Crystal Pepsi via sweepstakes on the Pepsi Pass app, but now the soda will be available to purchase for the first time since Bill Clinton was president.

To further appeal to '90s kids eager to binge on nostalgia, the company will release an online video game called "The Crystal Pepsi Trail," a spin on the popular '90s computer game (that you were actually allowed to play in school) "The Oregon Trail."

The game will be available to play on starting July 7.