Authorities looking for a cocaine dealer last seen in Austin

Authorities are looking for a cocaine dealer last known to be in the Austin area, but never arrested.

Cesar Castillo-Cortez is believed to be a mule or a mid-level cocaine supplier. Although little is known about him, authorities do know he was, or is, involved in the drug trade in Austin.

“In terms of his occupation and livelihood, it was strictly narcotics,” said Hector Gomez, supervisory U.S. Marshal.

He was charged with conspiracy to possess and the intent to distribute at least 500 grams of cocaine.

“But of course what his actual involvement was with could have certainly exceeded multiple pounds of cocaine,” Gomez said.

Authorities have never been able to arrest him on these charges.

“Having no knowledge of where Mr. Castillo is at the present time is why we encourage the public to assist us,” Gomez said.

Law enforcement believes he has been in the Austin area for several years, but being from Mexico, he could also be across the border.

“We don’t certainly expect him to be in Central Texas but I have been surprised before,” Gomez said.

Although the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force doesn't know exactly where he is, they are almost certain that he continues to be involved in illegal drug activity.

“That is their livelihood, that’s their manner of economic stability and means, that’s how they survive,” Gomez said.

If you have any information on his whereabouts call the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force at 512-800-4213.