Two arrested for Del Valle burglary caught on camera

Rene Rosas and Jarred Contreras are charged with burglary of a habitation. (Photo courtesy: Travis County Sheriff's Office)

Two men have been arrested for a Del Valle home burglary last month that was caught live on camera.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office says Rene Rosas and Jarred Contreras were arrested Thursday and charged with burglary of a habitation.

The victim was at work when the burglary happened. But when she saw live video of two men on her home's surveillance camera coming in through her living room window she called 911.

The two took their time going through her drawers and grabbing anything valuable. At one point, you hear the thieves question whether someone might be watching. The men completely miss and even pick up the very camera that caught them red handed.

Police arrived as the thieves took off in the woods behind the victim's home.

Travis County Sheriff's Office detectives say they already had Rosas and Contreras in mind as suspects before the victim shared the surveillance video with the media.