Thousands attend free SXSW Garth Brooks concert

CBS Austin

Thousands of Garth Brooks fans came to Auditorium Shores Saturday evening for the free SXSW concert.

Officials say despite expected overcrowding, everyone with a badge and tickets were allowed in the venue.

South by officials were even able to give out free tickets while Brooks was playing.

They told us there was more space to be filled, so those watching over nearby fences were ecstatic to get in.

However, most fans say getting downtown was the hardest part.

"My Fasten driver wouldn't even come over the river. I had to walk from downtown because he said he wouldn't even turn on first street. So it was kind of tough getting here but glad to be here," says concert- goer Jeremy Young.

Others described the Metrorail as "packed like sardines."

Tickets sold out in minutes Friday after the surprise concert was announced, 20,000 people were expected to attend the event.

Despite the long lines and traffic to get there, fans say seeing one of their favorite country singers was well worth it.