Second teen suspect charged with murder in N. Austin shooting death

Austin Police have charged a second man with murder in connection to a homicide that happened in North Austin last month.

Javier Roberto Teague-Salas, 19, is charged with murder in the shooting death of 26-year-old Anthony Brown on December 29.

According to an affidavit, APD responded to a call that a male had been shot in the 12900 block of Quinn Trail around 1:27 a.m.

When officers arrived, they found the caller attempting to provide CPR to Brown, who had been shot on his porch. Brown was transported to St. David's Round Rock Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. After an autopsy, Brown's death was ruled a homicide after receiving a gunshot to the chest.

Police say they recovered a fired projectile on the front porch as well as a small amount of marijuana in a baggie.

The caller told police during an interview that two men were supposed to come to the home to buy three ounces of marijuana from Brown for $600. When someone knocked on the door, Brown walked outside to speak with the men. That's when she heard a gunshot, followed by Brown staggering back inside, bleeding, asking her to call 911.

The witness told police that Brown did not know the person he was selling to, and the unknown buyer texted Brown 10 minutes before the deal. Police were able to trace the number back to 19-year-old Mosses Howell, who is already charged with murder in connection to Brown's death.

Police interviewed Howell's girlfriend, who said Howell told her he "can't be in Austin because they're looking for me" because he and "some friend were trying to rob a house and I shot someone."

Howell was arrested and, when interviewed, told officers that Teague-Salas, along with two other suspects, picked him up in Killeen, where Teague-Salas made a stop at a trailer to pick up a pistol before heading to Brown's home to buy marijuana.

According to police, Teague-Salas, Howell, and the two other suspects got out of the car, with Howell and suspect #1 walking a block over and Teague-Salas and suspect #2 walking to the house.

Howell says that Teague-Salas and suspect #2 ran back to the car, with Teague-Salas telling Howell "I shot him!" The four then got on the highway and headed to Killeen, where Howell says Teague-Salas told him to throw his phone out the window or be shot.

On January 11, detectives received an anonymous call from a male stating that a few days prior in Killeen, he had personally seen Teague-Salas brag that he had "shot a guy for marijuana in North Austin" a few weeks prior. The caller told police that Teague-Salas said that he and Howell went to Brown's front door and Brown was startled when suspect #1 came walking up, prompting Teague-Salas to shoot Brown.

Javier Roberto Teague-Salas is charged with murder, a first-degree felony.