Sanctuary city protest disrupts Cedar Park parade

Sanctuary City protest briefly disrupts Cedar Park Fourth of July parade. (Courtesy: Movimiento Cosecha)

A group of protesters blocked the annual Fourth of July parade in Cedar Park. The group, organized by Movimiento Cosecha (Harvest Movement) disrupted the parade for about fifteen minutes.

Protesters held signs and chanted, protesting the state's recently passed sanctuary city law, known as SB4.

"We contribute to the Texas economy and success story, but yet we have elected officials that demonized and criminalize our community," said protester Luis Ortega.

Parade attendee Don Lahey said some Cedar Park residents were disappointed that the group chose a patriotic holiday to get their point across.

"I'm aware people like to get noticed and bring attention to their causes, but to try and mix it with 4th of July and what all of that represents being an American is counterproductive," Lahey said.

The group also says they will begin a boycott against H-E-B starting August 1. According to their website, they say H-E-B profits from immigrants while their community is "under attack".

Cedar Park police chief Sean Mannix said in a statement "We respect the right of individuals to legally protest in Cedar Park for causes they feel strongly about. This morning was a perfect example of that. Cedar Park officers quickly relocated a group of protestors from the middle of the street to a nearby area where they were free to continue safely and legally exercising their First Amendment rights. I'm extremely proud of the professionalism exhibited by the Cedar Park Officers."

A federal judge last week heard testimony on suits filed against the new law. He has not yet ruled on the lawsuit.

The city of Austin is one of the parties who filed suit opposing the sanctuary city laws.

CBS Austin has reached out to H-E-B for comment.

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