'Sanctuary Cities' protest in Austin honors undocumented mothers

On Sunday, dozens of protestors took the streets to speak against the sanctuary cities bill. (CBS Austin)

While some spent the day honoring their mothers with gifts and cards, others organized to protest the "sanctuary cities" bill they say impacts mothers the most.

"As terrorizing tactics are used by Abbott, by Trump, by ICE, the mains ones that are affected are the mothers," Julieta Garibay with United We Dream said.

Opponents of the new law say it is racist and unfairly targets every Hispanic in Texas. They're calling it the "show me your papers" law.

"The mothers say we want to stand together today. We want to come out to the streets and say we won't allow SB 4. We won't allow racism in our state and that's what we did it on Mother's Day," Garibay said.

The "sanctuary cities" law punishes communities and officials in Texas who don't abide by federal immigration laws and orders, making sanctuary cities a crime.

Last week in a Facebook live video, Gov. Greg Abbott aid the law was aimed at protecting citizens from criminals who are in the U.S. illegally.

Maria Hernandez has lived in the U.S. undocumented for 23 years and has two kids who are American citizens.

"Every day when I take him to school, I'm afraid that I won't be able to come back or that they'll take me or they'll stop me for whatever reason, and I'm not going to be able to come back home with them," Hernandez said.

Her only Mother's Day wish was to protest alongside her family.

"I'm very happy that I'm able to be with my family today, but I don't know about tomorrow," Hernandez told CBS Austin.

The "sanctuary cities" law doesn't take effect until Sept. 1.

Protestors say they will continue fighting it and reaching out to assist immigrant communities that are feeling its impact.