Red Cross and Austin Disaster Relief Network partner to help storm victims

A pallet load of disposable diapers await their journey to Texas storm victims. (Photo: CBS Austin)

The work continues to get disaster relief to the areas of Texas hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. And that has groups like the Red Cross and the Austin Disaster Relief Network asking you for donations.

But aren't they both doing the same job?

At first glance the Red Cross and the Austin Disaster Relief Network or ADRN might appear to be duplicating efforts to help storm victims. But it turns out they're actually partners with the red cross often referring people and their donations to the ADRN.

Wednesday the convention center was hopping with Red Cross Volunteers being trained and dispatched where they're needed. But we spoke with several people who came to donate supplies or services to help the storm victims and were turned away. David Montoya was one of them. He says, “They told us they're not taking those supplies, new or used. So there has to be other places like shelters around town that can use that stuff."

The Red Cross specifically recommended they go to the Austin Disaster Relief Network. The Red Cross excels at immediate food and shelter for the masses, but Daniel Geraci with ADRN adds, “Then they hand them off to us and also send forth the mass donations that come because that's really not their forte. It's what we do in terms of distribution of mass donations."

The ADRN has a different focus. They specialize in collecting your donated items and getting them to the people in need. Juana Santellan, an evacuee from Port Lavaca says her family clearly needs this help because they got out with only two or three changes of clothes. And she still doesn't know if she has something to return to. Visibly shaken she says she hopes all is well back home.

Santellan is actually staying in a Red Cross shelter while getting clothing from the Austin Disaster Relief Network. Your donation to both organizations hard at work.

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