Possible serial bike thief takes bikes from two mothers on Mother's Day

Surveillance video shows a tool thief that could have also stolen bikes as well. (Photo: Jake Knobloch)

South Austin homeowners say one man is responsible for several burglaries in different neighborhoods including two Mother’s Day bike thefts.

On Sunday morning mother of four Kate Mason-Murphy discovered her bike was stolen.

“My Mother’s Day present to myself was that my bike had been stolen,” Mason-Murphy said.

She wasn’t happy because that was her favorite bike.

“Everything I ever loved in a bike, I had on that bike,” Mason-Murphy said.

She was one of two South Austin moms who had their bikes stolen on Mother’s Day. Mason-Murphy says her neighbors saw the thief. She showed them a flyer from another homeowner who sent out pictures of a man who stole tools from him.

“And they positively id’d him from Jake’s flyer,” Mason-Murphy said.

“I woke up, look out the window and the door was still open,” homeowner Jake Knobloch said.

Knobloch’s security cameras caught a man stealing tools from his carport’s closet in February.

“As soon as the security light comes on he rides right off,” he said watching the video.

He says he wasn’t surprised his thief could be the same man who stole Mason-Murphy’s bike. That’s because there have been several other tools stolen and cars broken in to.

“I had no idea it was this extensive and then this many neighborhoods,” Mason-Murphy said.

Several homeowners even went looking for the bikes Monday afternoon. They found one spot underneath Ben White Highway where there were several bikes stashed.

However, Mason-Murphy’s bike wasn’t there and neither was the alleged thief. Still homeowners say they’ll catch him soon.

“I think we’ll catch him we have a lot of people on the lookout,” Mason-Murphy said.