New sheriff brings change and new fans to WilCo Sheriff's Office


Change hits the Williamson County Sheriff's Office. In recent months the new sheriff has moved people around, started a cold case unit and even has a twitter account.

It's clear Sheriff Robert Chody is no fan of how things used to done. What's been called the “good old boy system” is officially out the door and in its place a modern-day call to “serve with purpose, pride and professionalism.” The tough on crime attitude is still there but the kinder, gentler approach is earning the sheriff's office some new fans

Sheriff Chody wasted no time in making some big changes in his first months in office. He admits, “Law enforcement is not always a fan of change. But in most cases … 99 percent of the cases … the word i'm getting … they seem to be very happy with the changes."

Chody is breaking from the past and moving people around. As a result, he says the swat team now gets more opportunity to practice as a unit. Just in time too because they're seeing more action now.

Chody's moves are even earning praise from the NAACP. Local president Nelson Linder says, “He's on the right path, more open, more scrutiny, more inviting." And this is a group that's had plenty of reason in the past not to trust the WilCo Sheriff's Office. Linder says, “There's a lot of discriminatory history in Williamson County involving law enforcement and African-Americans."

But Linder says he can now point to a recent case involving a distraught suicidal woman waving a gun. Despite a fast-moving tense situation, the deputies used non-lethal force. Linder adds, “And to use bean bags in those situations, thanks to Chody and his deputies, they did a good thing there. They saved a life and she was apprehended."

Chody says all his changes are positioning the sheriff's office for the future in one of the fast-growing areas in the country. He admits he'll need more people. So he plans to address that with the Commissioners Court with plenty of modern-day data on call volume and response times to back up his requests.

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