New Dell Seton hospital prepares for massive moving day

The new Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas opens this Sunday. (CBS Austin)

The new Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas opens this Sunday. So this week they're finalizing their plans for admitting their first patients, as many as 200 people who are currently hospitalized just across the street.

Every patient at what we affectionately call Brack, the University Medical Center at Brackenridge, will make their way across 15th Street to UT's new teaching hospital. But don't expect a parade of wheelchairs and hospital beds. The plan is bring them in an army of ambulances.

We got to see the calm before the storm Monday, the last touch ups before the Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas opens for business. Project manager David Shackelford has led more than four years of preparing for the massive move. He says, “It is extremely exciting to be less than a week away from patient move day May 21st, 2017."

While rooms are being prepped at the new hospital, staff at Brack are preparing their patients for the move. Shackelford says, “They are evaluating who are they, what are their clinical needs, what specialized resources do we need on hand to make sure they get the care they need."

From day one the new hospital will be set up for advanced trauma care such as a car wreck victim with a heart problem. Shackelford says, “They can have a cardiovascular surgeon operating on them arthroscopically using a tiny camera through a vein in the leg at the same time an orthopedic surgeon could be fixing shattered bones."

Staff at Brack have already trained on what to expect at the new hospital, and beginning Tuesday they'll run-through what to expect on moving day. Shackelford says, “We have mock patients that are physically transported by ambulance and we have an active incident commander center to make sure we understand how the process works, that it works, then we'll throw wrenches in the process."

They're trying their best to prepare for the unexpected. They're planning on having an ambulance repair crew on site on moving day as well as a repair crew for the elevators which will be getting a real work-out on their first day.

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