MoPac lanes to close between RM 2222 and Enfield

MGN Online

There are several closures Sunday night on Mopac for construction, according to officials.

The MoPac Project webpage issued the following update:

On Sunday evening June 18th after 7pm on southbound MoPac, the center and left lane will be closed from RM 2222 to Enfield Road and on northbound MoPac the center and right lane will be closed from Enfield Road to RM 2222. Also the northbound Westover Road onramp and the 35th Street exit will be closed. After 8pm on southbound MoPac, the right lane will be closed around Steck Avenue and the Steck Avenue exit will be closed. The right lane will also be closed on southbound MoPac between the Cesar Chavez/5th Street exit and Lady Bird Lake and the left lane will be closed on the Cesaer Chavez/5th Street exit. After 9pm, the Cesar Chavez/6th Street onramp to northbound MoPac will be closed. After midnight the northbound RM 2222 exit will be closed. - See more at:

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