Man turns Austin congestion into hilarious tales of traffic: TrafficWocky

One man has turned traffic into poetry whose tales you won’t want to miss.

“Mount Bonnell working for Dell. Traffic is hell. Oh Well.”

Meet Tex Mopac. A cowboy poet who merged Austin traffic with humorous poetry.

“Austin Traffic you are so sucky even if you are in a big Texas trucky. I hate you. I hate you oh why did I move here. I even get stuck in you going to buy my beer.”

He is the author of Traffic Wocky, where he wrangled a collection of poems and short stories about our fellow commuters here in central Texas.

Oddly enough, he looks very familiar to Scott Jarrett, an English teacher at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.

Jarrett seemed to know a lot about what these funny poems were all about.

“The frustration that everyone has when you’re stuck in traffic,” Scott Jarrett said.

Some of his creativity is triggered by those around us on the roads.

“When you’re looking at the car next to you that you’re inching along with and maybe it is someone with big hoop earrings or they’re putting on their makeup or a type of car,” said Jarrett.

Tales from the highways about everything from Google Fiber to regular Austinites.

“Stop and go hipster: We parallel one another and speeds under five miles an hour. I can see the setting sun through the enormous hole in his ear hole.”

“Google fiber stuck in traffic. How fast did you say you were?”

Tex Mopac even made an impression on some of Jarrett’s students.

“The poems are really hilarious and I think that they are just so out there,” said Amelia McConnico, a student of Jarrett’s.

“He’s a very passionate English teach and he loves poems,” said Montse Nieto.

“We can do other things like write books and maybe become famous someday,” said John Burrows.

Tex Mopac knows one this we all feel when stuck in congestion during rush hour…

“Cowboy poets would sit around the fire and were longing for being home,” said Tex Mopac.