Just In Case sports bra hides easy access knife

The Just In Case sports bra, designed by Booby Trap Bras, hides a knife or pepper spray between a woman's breasts.

"I did not believe this would happen to me," said Jennifer Cutrona. "It could have been worse. I could not have not gone home to my babies that night."

That attack on a Wimberley mother on the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail is giving women an easier way to protect themselves. Cutrona thinks location is everything when it comes to fending off attackers and having an easier way to fight back.

A trail lined with trees and edged with tall grasses and bushes is one of the most calming places where Cutrona runs. But it's also the place where her peace of mind was shattered.

"It was pretty scary," said the mother of two boys. "He jumped out of the bushes at me. He was completely unseen and then was just right on top of me."

Jennifer got away but could not escape a feeling that she could be preyed upon.

"I realized that I was a little more vulnerable than I once thought," said Cutrona.

So later that day, in April of 2015, Cutrona sewed a knife sheath into her sports bra.

"The knife fits right down in between your cleavage," said the founder of Booby Trap Bras.

"Women, generally if they're alarmed, gasp. You know they put their arms here. I wanted it to be right in the most convenient place to get to it as fast as possible," said Cutrona.

The prototype of the "Just In Case" sports bra was patented and the potentially life-saving bra is now being pieced together in Austin at White Star Manufacturing.

Different designs will either fit a thin three inch knife, alarm, stun gun or pepper spray.

"What is this, actually in here? It's Mace, okay," said Kristen Chozick, a runner on the trail who stopped to take a closer look at the sports bras.

Chozick is sold on the easy access to the hidden pocket.

"I think that would be the most convenient place to grab for something if you were in that situation," said Chozick.

Not far from where Cutrona had her close call she says she was stopped in her tracks by a Missing Person sign that solidified her decision to help women protect themselves.

"We don't want to think about it, that it could ever happen, but this girl just went missing on April 2nd," said Cutrona.

She thinks well-placed protection can help keep women from being bullied off trails.

The Just In Case sports bras cost $50.00 and are sold online.