Judge rules Meagan Work's statements to police cannot be used in trial

Meagan Work. (Photo courtesy: APD)

In a big win for Meagan Work's defense team, a judge ruled Monday that statements that she made to law enforcement cannot be used in her upcoming trial.

"Everything that Cedar Park police questioned her about for 24 hours straight has been suppressed," said Work's attorney Darla Davis.

Travis County Judge David Wahlberg's decision means any statements Work made to law enforcement officers during her three-day detainment and arrest in September 2014 cannot be used by the prosecution during Work's upcoming trial.

Wahlberg said authorities obtained the information unlawfully. Work's attorney agrees. "Because if they don't apply to Ms. Work when she's accused of something, not convicted of something then they don't apply to anybody," said Davis.

The judge also threw out a DNA swab he said was obtained from Work without a warrant or consent.

Work and her boyfriend, Michael Turner, are accused of assaulting Work's two-year-old son Colton Turner, then burying his body in a shallow grave when Turner died from his injuries.

Turner's family was in court for the ruling. Turner's great aunt is upset by the decision but still believes Work will be convicted for her role in Turner's death.

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