Infant born with microcephaly in Travis Co. diagnosed with Zika virus

An infant born in Travis County with microcephaly has been diagnosed with the Zika virus, the first confirmed congenital case in the county, according to Austin Public Health.

Officials say the mother emigrated to Travis County from Central America in August of 2016. The baby was born in September.

During most of the pregnancy, she resided in Central America.

This is not believed to be a locally-acquired case of Zika. Early in her pregnancy, she reported an illness consistent with Zika.

"We know with the upcoming season we will have more mosquitoes, more people traveling to these areas where there is local transmission going on," said Travis County Medical Director and Healthy Authority Dr. Philip Huang. "So it is highly possible and probable that we will see a lot more cases."

In Travis County, 20 people have tested positive for Zika Virus including 6 pregnant women. All cases are travel-associated infections.

Dr. Huang said this infant Zika case is a tragic reminder of why it is important to avoid mosquitoes and prevent bites.

Pregnant women or those wishing to become pregnant should avoid Zika prone regions.