Hutto council okays $100 million mixed-use development

A large parcel of city-owned land in Hutto awaits redevelopment. (Photo: CBS Austin News)

Meteoric growth continues to be big news in Williamson County. And now Hutto is getting in on the action approving a $100 million mixed-use development in the heart of Hutto.

A new city hall and police station are just part of the plans for this site. And the neighborhood could look pretty urban by Hutto standards with some of the buildings five stories high. They’re planning to call the area The Co-op District.

Folks in Hutto may already be familiar with the planned site for The Co-op District. It gets its name from the old cotton gin and co-op that used to be there. Just a few mementos from those years remain such as a row of tall silos. Now the wind-swept site is home to Hutto’s event center. Hutto Mayor Doug Gaul says, “We want to kind of expand on that and have a place where citizens can come and eat at restaurants here, you can shop. We’ll have a yard area where we’ll have maybe a pavilion and live music.”

Hutto leaders say now is the time to develop this 30-acre piece of land into several city blocks. May Gaul explains, “The economy’s right, we’ve got a lot of stuff going on. Hutto’s continuing to grow. We’re over 25,000 population, just a lot of activity. We’ve got developers that are interested in moving in here.”

And the builder of The Co-op District is willing to put in the lion’s share of the money. City Manager Odis Jones says, “They committed to put $100 million of private capital into the project. We’re going to put $5 million into the project for public infrastructure.”

If you’re concerned the Hutto City Council is rushing into this deal, you don’t know the history. They’ve been working on this since the city bought the land in 2004 Mayor Gaul says, “It’s been in the works through several councils, several city managers, several mayors, and we’re finally able to put all the pieces together and make it come to life.”

Hutto’s city manager says the general public will benefit from the city’s investment in this area. That’s because the infrastructure the city is putting in here will help mitigate storm water issues in and around the site.

The city hopes to break ground on the project by the end of the year.