Graduation photo orders returned; company out of business

Graduation photos returned; company out of business.

A company in charge of taking graduation photos in San Antonio, is out of business.

It was supposed to be a once in a life time event captured on camera, but many are concerned those photos are gone.

Like other parents in the San Antonio area, David Held ordered graduation photos for his daughter.

"My original order form here that I sent in. It says to have it mailed in by July 1st,” said Held.

However, there was a problem, the letter was returned in the mail just days later.

Held says he continuously tried reaching out to the company responsible for the photos, but never heard anything back.

At this point Held says he just wants the pictures, he doesn’t care who prints them.

"How hard is it for him to give those pictures to another studio, and we'll buy them from them,” said Held. “I'm not looking for free pictures; all I want is pictures."

We’ve decided to not disclose the company responsible for the photos, but we did reach out to them for comment.

The call went straight to a message, telling us the line had been disconnected.

"You're not going to find a number,” said Held.

The North East Independent School District says they've also been trying to reach the photography studio without any luck, until we stepped in on Thursday.

“Fortunately today, we did finally hear from the company, and they stated again, they’re planning on fulfilling all of these graduation orders,” said Aubrey Chancellor from the North East Independent School District. “They say it was a mistake by the post office, that had inadvertently gotten the mail returned back to the sender. Hopefully all will be well after this."

Whether it’s a simple postal mistake we aren’t sure.

Held says he will try sending his order in again.

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