Five teens arrested for burglary at Typhoon Texas water park in Pflugerville

Police say five teens, (Top row, left to right) Darion Mikal Alberson, 18, Joshua Amacker Lee, 18, Ethan Dean Sofinowiski 17, (Bottom row, left to right) Matthew Miller Thomsen, 17, and Liam Robert Wallace, 17, broke into Typhoon Texas water park in Pflugerville last weekend and vandalized items in the park. (Photos: Pflugerville Police Department)

Pflugerville Police have arrested five teenagers they say are behind a break-in at the Typhoon Texas water park over the weekend.

Police say the suspects, 18-year-old Darion Mikal Alberson, 18-year-old Joshua Amacker Lee, 17-year-old Ethan Dean Sofinowiski, 17-year-old Matthew Miller Thomsen, and 17-year-old Liam Robert Wallace broke into the park and vandalized items both inside and outside.

Four of the teenagers were taken into custody on Monday, with the fifth arrested on Tuesday.

Police believe the five teens were also involved with a break-in at Pflugerville High School that took place earlier in the same evening as the Typhoon Texas break-in.