First SXSW in the books for new Austin restaurants

True Food Kitchen survives its first SXSW (PHOTO: CBS Austin)

According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the city gets more than 1,000 new businesses every year.

True Food Kitchen is one of those businesses, and they just survived their first South by Southwest.

The restaurant is one of several in the developing Seaholm District that opened in the past year.

"We geared up for what we thought was going to be a really, really busy weekend” said General Manager, Sean Fundiller.

In recent history, South by Southwest has expanded into East Austin, South Austin, and now, new developments downtown.

For Fundiller, it proved to be just as busy as they expected.

"It was more of a long marathon of a day if you will because there’s events going on in the city all day."

Sean says staffing increases helped everything run smoothly and now with a year under their belt, the restaurant is able to know exactly which festivals will benefit them the most.

Fundiller says, "The Kite Festival tends to affect us a little bit more than what you would see in a South By because people are outside and they want to be a part of that awesome weather and they want to enjoy it here."

The new restaurant gets about 50 percent of business from tourists and festival goers.