Father meets man in hospital who saved daughter's life at ROT Rally


Two families became one after a man saved a woman’s life at ROT Rally.

Greg or “Top” is still in pain in the hospital with two knife wounds. 47-year-old Manuel Moreno is also in jail, charged with attacking Greg early Sunday morning.

On Thursday, the father of the woman he says Greg saved met him for the first time in the hospital.

“Not all heroes wear capes, some walk among us just dressed like Greg,” TJ Stephens said.

At around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, Greg was trying to stay awake to watch everyone’s gear at the ROT Rally. That’s when three women came up to his tent for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. They were terrified, saying someone was stalking them and taking videos.

Greg accosted the man and he left.

“And one of the girls said oh my god he’s back,” Greg said.

That’s when Greg talked with the man along with Stephens’ daughter’s fiancé. At some point, the man lunged at the woman’s fiancé.

“I stepped between him and Terrance and um felt a searing sensation that I thought was a Taser,” Greg said.

Greg tackled the attacker, took him to the ground and then noticed he was bleeding. That’s when he realized the man cut him with a knife. He tried to stop the bleeding and eventually passed out.

He says his fellow combat veterans and the woman’s fiancé helped keep him alive until the ambulance got there.

Days later he says there was no doubt the man was trying to kill him.

Stephens, though, says Greg saved his daughter’s life.

“I’m just forever grateful and in his debt for this, I thank you for very much. You’re welcome at my home anytime,” Stephens said.

Greg, though, said the reason he stepped in was simple.

“The need for help,” Greg said.

Still he says he and all of Stephens family now share a powerful bond.

“They are now part of our family and that’s going to stay that way,” Greg said.

Both men say they will still come back to ROT Rally in 2018. Greg even says he’s going to get tattoos to match his future scars. One with a knife looking like it’s going into the scar with a banner that says ROT Rally 2017, and the other scar will have a band aid.

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