Family fights for justice after loved one found dead with bite marks on body

Family fights for justice after loved one found dead with bite marks on body

SAN ANTONIO- We are learning more about the bizarre case of man found dead with bite marks on the city's Northwest side.

The victim, 30-year-old Javier Angulo Fernandez de Lara was found dead last week inside an apartment off the 12000 block of Vance Jackson with bite marks on his face, mouth and chest.

A preliminary police report from San Antonio Police says Fernandez de Lara called 911 asking for help claiming his attacker was having a psychotic episode.

When police arrived a woman opened the door naked and admitted to hitting Fernandez de Lara and biting him.

“I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe what the detectives were saying, that my nephew was dead,” said Maribel Navarro, the victim’s aunt.

Investigators say Fernandez de Lara possibly died from a heart attack but his family believes that's only partly to blame for his death.

Right now, they are talking with detectives to see if the woman can be charged. As they wait for answers, they look back to memories they have of the loved one they lost.

The family says Fernandez de Lara was a church DJ and always had a smile on his face, a smile they will miss the most.

“For me every morning to open my eyes and see he is not there but I know that god is going to help me,” said Maria Elena Fernandez de Lara, the victim’s mother.

Family tells Fox San Antonio that they plan on pressing charges once they receive a full autopsy report. Stick with Fox San Antonio for the latest updates on this story.

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