Councilwoman takes a stand to 'Free the Lemonade'

CBS Austin

Austin City Councilwoman Ellen Troxclair has introduced a resolution that would de-regulate lemonade stands in the city.

Right now, children who want to sell lemonade need a permit first, and those aren't cheap. For one day, it costs $35 and for a two day permit, the price rises to $98. If someone wants to put a stand on a city sidewalk, the permit costs almost $500.

Troxclair says she's met with parents who don't allow their kids to sell lemonade because it's too expensive.

According to the councilwoman, Texas has widespread food regulation laws but allows cities to create exemptions for low-risk situations like lemonade stands.

Once a year, on "Lemonade Day," these fees are waived but there has never been a resolution to cut them out completely.

Council will vote on the issue Thursday morning.

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