Cool at School: Math in motion at Bagdad Elementary

Math in motion at Bagdad Elementary (CBS Austin)

Third-grade students at one Leander ISD elementary are taking an active approach in becoming better readers, and problem solvers. A simple concept of combining physical fun, with lessons like reading and math.

Math flash cards under sand bags, problems etched onto trampolines, the gym floor at Baghdad Elementary is set up for what's known as math in motion. Brandon Schmuck uses each station, blending fun with teaching, "Your jumping and having all this fun, but you are also learning math and the fun part about it," he said.

This third grader says it's already helped him, "Helps me remember the equation. So if I am in a speed test or something I can remember this equation that's how it helps me."

Eight-year-old Jaycee Henrichs loves the results inside and outside of the classroom, "It's two things mixed together and you get to learn math and get to get stronger," said Jaycee.

Ariel Garcia-Monzon says this way of learning is a no-brainer, "When you are sitting at a desk, it's boring, your heart rate is just down, and when you are at PE, you are actually moving and making it fun."

Academics mixed with physical activity is what makes the students of Baghdad Elementary cool at school.