Cool at School: Maplewood Elementary's kindness march

Maplewood Elementary's Kindness March (CBS Austin)

Maplewood Elementary of Austin ISD has earned a "no place for hate" honor, five years in a row. Students and staff recently held a kindness march.

The McCallum drum line and cheerleaders helped lead the way on this two-block march to a nearby park.

Sixth grade student Lakaiya King helped younger students understand the message, "It's important for our school to be kind, because there's so many of us. There's 5th and 6th graders, that need to be kind to the younger because we are the leaders of the campus," she argued.

11-year- old Demitrius Golden has an easy solution in being kind to classmates in need of friends, "Maybe say "hey do you want to play? Or maybe, hey do you want to do something? Anything to help be nice. Everybody is loving and everybody forgives people, even if they have wrong doings, it just a great school all around," Demitrius said.

Fourth-grade student, Iris Nicholson made extra signs for students in the march, "Some people bully others and it hurts people's feelings. It affects how the act to others. If one person is kind, they can change the whole school. It's really easy, you don't have to say anything, but a smile could be, being kind," she said.

Kindness is what makes the students of Maplewood Elementary cool at school.