Cool at School: Learning the body systems by what you wear

Harmony School of Political Science and Communication students learn the body systems. (CBS Austin)

Learning the body systems can be a challenge for elementary students. Seventh 7th graders at Harmony School of Political Science and Communication are helping 4th graders learn about science by wearing white disposable coveralls.

Ethan Chandra and his classmates this science class, studied the systems for the last two to four weeks, "We are doing this because we wanted to see how our body systems work, and how our body works together to cooperate and how we can be able to do all these amazing things," he said.

Part of the lesson is to draw every single detail of each system, on the overalls, then wear and teach lower classmates how they work.

13-year-old Maimuna Masud chose the nervous system, "Our nervous system is vital to send messages throughout the body, and without it, we wouldn't be able to talk or do what we normally do," she argued.

Part of the learning included, and question and answer session from the 4th graders.

Those disposable coveralls were donated by Valutek.