Cool at School: Girls at Park Crest Middle School in Pflugerville learn about engineering

Park Crest Middle School

Girls at Park Crest Middle School in Plfugerville are learning about engineering through a special club they are a part of. It's called Girls in Engineering(GIE). The inventions they are creating with the littleBits Kits is teaching them plenty.

June Wallace is in sixth grade, and explains why she likes this club, "Girls in engineering is suppose to boost confidence in girls and get them into engineering." Trinity Boudreaus is a part of June's team. They built a car, that's operated through an iPad, "We just keep using our imagination. It's always fun to use our imagination."

Sydney Kaiser joined GIE to try something new, "I think girls can do anything this program helps us realize that more and gives us a chance to boost our confidence." Confidence, connecting bright girls working together like Kandice Ezeji, "It's really cool. Especially when I work with boys in a group they don't really let me do anything but since we are all girls, we get to put in our ideas into the inventions."

The kits bought through a grant from our Pflugerville Education Foundation.