Cool at School: Gateway College Prep students and Global Day of Design

Cool at School: Gateway College Prep students and Global Day of Design. (CBS Austin)

Students at Gateway College Prep, in Georgetown are among the thousands who participated in an entire day dedicated to designing work.

Ten-year-old Jaidyn Jenkins is part of this 24-hour design event inspiring students to create, make, and build, "You design something that you maybe use in the real world. We thought of different ideas, and chose one we all agree on," she said.

Teamwork is part of the learning. Travis Smith and his class decided on an athletic based project, "They give us these tools, we make a sport of them. We can't copy anything anyone else has done."

Cups, yarn, paper plates, balloons, and duct tape were used for this design. Nine-year-old Athena Jebaoui shared their concept, "The paper plate will be the racket part. The part where you hold it will be a cup taped to the back of the paper plate. When people designed, if you look all around the room, there are things that someone designed, they had to start somewhere. So you need to start small," she said.

Starting small, but learning big is what makes the students of Gateway College Prep, cool at school.

Students from six different continents, (over 20 countries) participated.