CBS Austin's 'Food for Families' feeds 'Summer Meals That Matter'

Children check the crops at the farm at Central Texas Food Bank. (Photo: CBS Austin)

If we've learned one thing from our annual Food for Families campaign, it's that hunger does not take a summer vacation. In fact -- with the kids out of school -- the need is even greater. But the Central Texas Food Bank is geared up with Summer Meals That Matter.

Our two-week Food for Families drive is part of the food bank's summer-long "Summer Meals That Matter" effort. Every dollar they raise translates to eight meals. And that's especially welcome among the city's working poor. Austin City Council Member Sabino "Pio" Renteria explains, “They're working families but they just don't make enough to be able to feed all their kids and they're working so no one's there at home to fix lunch for them."

Wednesday, kids from Austin's Pan Am Recreation Center came to the food bank eager to learn. Johnny Saldaña, a program specialist at the center says, “We brought the kids here today to kind of help them expand their mind with healthy eating and healthy choices."

The Central Texas Food Bank supports activities like these in the Summer and after school programs the rest of the year. Saldaña adds, “Kids are always going to work up a hunger, and when we have something to offer them I think that makes a huge impact with these kids."

The Austin-based food bank also supplies more than 250 local non-profits who provide food directly to nearly half a million of our neighbors who are at risk of going hungry. Derrick Chubbs, president & CEO of the food bank explains, “A significant portion of the food that our pantries, our soup kitchens, even pantries that are in our churches, we actually supply them the food." And with 21 counties to cover, your support of the Central Texas Food Bank really does go a long way.

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