Cables of downtown Austin garage where SUV dangled not inspected since 1981

Driver escapes from hanging car after driving off parking garage. (Courtesy Andrew Miller)

AUSTIN, Texas (KEYE) - The cables on a downtown Austin parking garage where an SUV dangled for hours had not been inspected since 1981.

The incident happened Friday afternoon at a parking garage near W. 6th Street and Congress Avenue. The driver was not injured, but the SUV dangled from the side of the garage for about three hours as emergency crews worked to lower it to the ground.

The City of Austin says it does not do inspections on cables unless it is doing more construction or expanding. It is up to the building owner to maintain the property.

In the official police report on the incident, the driver of the SUV told police he pulled into a parking spot on the eighth floor of the garage - and he thought he put the car in park - but for some unknown reason, he drove through the cables and off the side of the garage.

Police did not see any skid marks in the parking spot.

He told police it was an accident and he was not trying to hurt himself.

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