Austin visitor explains how he pulled driver out of dangling SUV

Austin visitor explains how he pulled driver out of dangling SUV. (Courtesy Zachary Cayson)

AUSTIN, Texas (KEYE) - Zachary Cayson and David Weed were sitting poolside at Barton Springs on Saturday - a much calmer setting than the key role they played in practically saving a life just the day before.

Cayson pulled the driver from the dangling car that was hovering about nine stories above an alleyway on Friday while Weed called for help.

"I heard the guy screaming and I followed his voice. I was the first one that got there, and he was still in the car when I got there," said Cayson.

Cayson and Weed just happened to be in town from Huntsville, Alabama for a friend's wedding. They said they had just parked their van in the Little Field garage near W. 6th Street and Congress Avenue when they heard the car hit the side of the garage and then saw it dangling by a tire.

"I grabbed him by one arm so he was braced," Cayson said. "We brought his legs over, got him out of the window and I just kind of pulled him out and sat him on the ledge."

The two said it probably took only three minutes to pull the driver to safety, but it felt much longer.

"We kind of just started laughing. It was more like a joyful laughter, because it was very stressful for a minute, we were just kind of looking at it," said Cayson.

The two said they never discussed how the driver got in that position, but they're thankful he's alive.

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