Austin tech companies say new iPhone launch will boost business

Tech giant Apple announced the launch two new iPhone Tuesday - iPhone 8 and iPhone X. (Photo: Apple Inc / MGN Online)

Tech giant Apple announced the launch two new iPhone Tuesday - iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

New technology means new opportunities for tech companies in Austin.

Rocksauce specializes in app development and the CEO said Apple's announcement will bring a boost to his business as well as the local economy.

“Every big announcement like this shows us new technology that we can delve into and really help our clients out with,” said CEO Q Manning.

Apple makes these announcements annually around September and Manning said every time this happens you can find Rocksauce employees huddled around a conference table, listening closely as the latest technology is revealed.

The chamber of commerce estimates 130,000 people or 14 percent of Austin’s job force work in tech.

Manning said the iPhone X's infrared camera is already giving his staff ideas of how it could be used to help clients.

“Our hope is that Apple gives us access to that 3D camera to allow us scan different objects. It can be really useful for 3D printing and things like that,” Manning said.

Manning said the technology announced Tuesday is exactly what they expected it to be, but they were pleasantly surprised by the announcement of the Apple 4K TV.

Although what was released Tuesday may not be revolutionary compared to what could've been done six months ago, Manning sad it's still sure to get their phones ringing and give local businesses a boost.

“After an event like this we get a lot of interest that says hey I have this app idea I’d love to build it on the new iPhone so it's really nice for us,” Manning said.

But those anxious to get their hands on the new technology will have to wait a few months as the new products aren't set to launch until early November.

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