Austin Police seeking public's help identifying West Campus graffiti suspects

The Austin Police Department is seeking the public's help in identifying three suspects wanted for graffiti at several fraternity houses in the West Campus area. (Photos: Austin Police Department)

The Austin Police Department is seeking the public's help identifying three suspects wanted for graffiti in the West Campus area.

Police say the suspects vandalized the Kappa Alpha fraternity house at 2515 Leon Street on April 19 around 4:50 a.m.

Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha and Phi Gamma Delta were all vandalized with graffiti around the same time.

APD is stepping up patrols in the West Campus area after the threatening graffiti appeared this week.

Property crimes detectives released pictures and video of the suspects captured on a surveillance camera at one of the fraternity houses.

"Some of the things that were written on the houses were: 'death to all frats,' 'nuke all frats,' 'rapists,' 'racists,'" said Senior Police Officer Destiny Winston.

Austin Police call the some of the phrases alarming,

"I don't agree with the way fraternities go about things, but at the same time I would never support destruction of property," said senior UT student Trey Cano.

Depending on how much property was damaged, police say the criminals could face serious charges.

"If it is under $500 it will be a Class B misdemeanor and then it goes up from there," Winston said.

Students tell CBS Austin they don't feel unsafe as a result of these incidents, but say there are better ways to get a point across.

"It just seems like smack talk, for lack of a better word," Cano said.

Several of the fraternities had crews out Friday painting over the graffiti. According to APD, the property owner is responsible for the clean-up, but can press civil charges once the suspects are caught.

Anyone with information is asked to call Region 1 Property Detectives at (512) 974-5320.