Austin Music Awards handed out as city works to make the industry thrive

The city manager's office is working to make Austin more musician-friendly. (KEYE TV)

The city manager's office is working to make Austin more musician-friendly. On March 3rd, city council approved the Austin Music and Creative Ecosystem Omnibus Resolution. It directs the city manager's office to come up with recommendations to help the industry thrive. The effort is underway at the same time as SXSW and the Austin Music Awards. Local artists are being honored by their peers and community.

"I grew up in Germany listening to blues and it was always a dream for me to come to Austin, you know, and be a musician," said Seu Jacinto's Jan Flemming whose band won for Best Blues/Rock/Roots Mix.

Austin is a city of dreams and dreamers.

"The Golden Dawn Arkestra spaceship landed in Austin because it's such a beautiful place," said band member Hapi whose group performed at the AMAs.

Austin Music People has been working with the city to come up with solutions to some of the issues facing artists in Austin.

"We have to take care of the artists and creative that live here 365/24/7," said Austin Music People Executive Director Jennifer Houlihan.

The omnibus is expected to include common sense ideas that won't cost the city a lot to implement.

"No time off for SXSW, staff has been working around the clock and we're very excited about what they're coming up with," said Houlihan.

Better zoning and one permit for entertainment instead of a dozen or so can help keep the doors open to businesses that keep the music alive.

"Austin is a natural place where we find peace and a wonderful place to live," said Hapi.

The resolution is going to be presented to the Economic Opportunity Committee on May 9th.

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