Austin home being moved to Thrall with promises it won't get stuck

This house at 1126 Chicon Street in east Austin is going to be moved to Thrall Thursday night. (Photo:Bettie Cross)

Remember the saga of the stuck house on a South Austin street? The older white house blocked Live Oak St. for several days and then made a long and eventful journey to the 900 block of Crockett St. in Lockhart.

That happened in October of 2016 and Thursday night the same company that moved that house is about to move another one.

“It really is worth saving,” said Nicholas Morphis, field manager for AAA Austin Home Movers.

The craftsman style house is being lifted out of East Austin and is going to have a new address in Thrall.

“It's got tall ceilings and hardwood floors, so it's a nice house worth saving. We're going to make another residence out of it,” said Morphis.

AAA Austin Home Movers is handling the job. It's the company that made the news last fall when a house on a trailer got stuck in the middle of a South Austin street for days. It's history that's not expected to repeat itself.

“We cut the roof out to make sure. We took six feet out of the roof. So we're good,” said Morphis.

The house is now under 16 and a half feet tall. Morphis says that's the same height as portable school buildings that get hauled around to different campuses.

CBS Austin confirmed Thursday afternoon that AAA Austin Home Movers has a City of Austin permit to move the house. It's valid until August.

Cars parked on the street are the other obstacle to a successful move. Wednesday night car owners got notices put on their windshields stating that their cars could be towed to make room.

“We're required by the city to do it as a courtesy to people, just to let them know we're coming through,” said Morphis.

The field manager for AAA Austin Home Movers says any cars still parked on Chicon St. after 10:30 Thursday night will be moved just long enough to let the house squeeze past.

“We have to tow the vehicle at our own expense. We pick them up and they literally make the block, as we pass through, and they're right behind us,” said Morphis.

If all goes as planned, the address for the 1100 square foot house will switch from Austin to Thrall sometime Friday.