Attorney Wants Evidence Thrown Out in Colton Turner Case

Eleven months have passed since two-year-old Colton Turner was found buried in southeast Austin. On Monday, we got a glimpse at the investigation as Turner's mother, Meagan Work, was in court.

Work has pleaded not guilty to injury to a child and tampering with evidence charges. This week, her attorney is asking a judge to throw out evidence in the case including any oral statements, written statements and confessions.

Meagan Work, 21, entered the courtroom and took a seat by her attorneys. The judge swore in 10 witnesses -- many of them Cedar Park Police Department employees.

Work's attorney explained to the judge, evidence collected early-on should be excluded from the case because police didn't follow the rules.

"As soon as this investigation started, the rule book immediately went out the window," said Darla Davis, Work's attorney.

Davis said police improperly questioned Work both at a Williamson County home and at the Cedar Park police station.

She adds, Work's requests for an attorney were ignored.

"The interview continues with no lawyer no access to a lawyer court-appointed or otherwise," Davis said.

Robert Boyd with Cedar Park police explained, the investigation started after a caller reported seeing photos of Colton Turner on Facebook.

"[Photos] of a child that had severe bruising around the head and shoulders, and he was concerned about it," Boyd testified.

In a dash camera recording from the night police started looking for Turner, Boyd is heard saying officers showed the Facebook photos to Work and she was not phased.

"Mom's first reaction to seeing her injured child is somebody's photo-shopped those. We have no remorse. No tears. No nothing. Mom is in total denial," Boyd said in the video.

Police said work could not tell them where her son was because her GPS was broken and that was the only place she stored the address of the people who were supposedly watching him.

According to police, no one had seen the boy for two weeks. The judge will hear more testimony Tuesday.

Meagan Work's trial is scheduled for the third week of November. Since being booked into the Travis County Jail, Work gave birth to another little boy who was immediately placed in Child Protective Services' custody.

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