App lets you tip off Leander Police while preserving your privacy

Now you can help police solve crimes while protecting your privacy. Yes, there’s an app for that. (Photo: skeeze / Pixabay)

Now you can help police solve crimes while protecting your privacy. Yes, there’s an app for that. In Williamson County, Leander is already seeing success solving crime with this new technology.

We’ve seen enough crime shows to know how cell phones can be traced or tracked. And that makes some people reluctant to use their smart phone to report a crime. But what if there was a go-between who could help you get your message to police without identifying you. That’s the purpose of Tip 411.

Gone are the days of wanted posters in the post office. Today authorities let us know who they’re looking for by putting them on their Facebook page. And Leander police say this recently helped them catch a thief. Sgt. Anthony Mayberry with Leander Police says, “One I believe was a package crime where somebody stole a package off a porch. That person was identified.”

But because Facebook can reach so many people, police warn against posting sensitive replies that should really be done more discretely. Sgt. Mayberry says to keep it anonymous don’t post it on Facebook but instead use their Tip 411 app because only a select few people will have access to the system where they can access and see the tip.

Tip 411 is a free phone app that lets you post your tip with confidence. The app strips away anything that identifies where the tip came from. And you can report new crimes, too. Sgt. Mayberry explains, “People can use Tip 411 for that as well. If they have information about a crime that hasn’t been reported to law enforcement and/or something that we may need to know about they can use Tip 411.”

The Tip 411 app is text based but it also allows you upload photos that you think might be helpful to police.

And just a heads up that Tip 411 is used all over thr country. So to make sure you download the Leander Police Department’s app, search your phone app store for LPDTIP.