APD: 18-year-old woman arrested for luring teens into prostitution

Keira Hall, age 18, was charged with criminal solicitation of a minor and now faces a $35.000 bond. (Photo Courtesy of the Austin Police Department)

An 18-year-old woman was arrested and is now facing criminal solicitation of a minor charges for allegedly luring two teenagers into having sexual intercourse with strangers in exchange for money.

Austin Police say on May 16th, a caller reported her 17-year-old daughter was a part of a prostitution ring, scared, and was now being allowed to leave. The woman then told officers the victim was meeting with two female suspects at the McDonalds located on the 9422 block of N. Lamar Blvd.

When police responded to the location, they saw the minor along with 2 female suspects, just like the mother had described. The teen (referred to as victim 1) was then called to a separate room for interrogation.

According to court documents, when the girl was taken away from the duo she "immediately began crying." The teen then said the two females were trying to convince her and her 16-year-old friend (victim 2) to prostitute themselves for cash. She later added she had been trying to get away from the situation, but her friend was also involved and she was trying to get her out of the mess.

Police say victim 1 also told them that same night, the suspects got mad at her friend because she "turned down over a $1,400 deal" because she refused to have sex with an Asian male.

When police interviewed the second teenager, the victim stated the two women were trying to make her "f***" with strangers. Victim 2 continued saying that the duo had been pressuring her to have sex with strange men for money, and told her she had no choice.

The arrest affidavit states one night, the ring met with a black man in front of an HEB store located in North Lamar. The duo negotiated $200 for sex, $300 for oral sex, and $600 for all night, the affidavit says. The suspect then told the 16-year-old to get in his car, but she stated she did not want to have sex for money and refused to leave with the man.

Victim 2 also told the police the situation repeated two other times; one time with an Asian man and an Indian man. The victim refused to engage in the deals, according to court documents.

Police met again with victim 1, and the girl told them they had known the suspects for about two weeks and once, the suspects informed her about a sex deal via text. Following is the text conversation stated in court documents:

Suspect 1: "We need to talk and I don't wanna scare you."

Victim 1: "Tell me."

Suspect 1: "It's about my uncle (sic) and him buying you everything you want and you need."

Victim 1: "Like what do you mean"

Suspect 1: "Basically like a sugar daddy... But we don't wanna scare you away."

Victim 1: "So basically I have to f*** him or just talk like you said earlier?"

Suspect 1: "F*** once and see where it goes you don't wanna don't just lemme know. Best friend but he said he will provide everything!!"

The victim concluded by telling police she called her mom that day because she was worried that the 2 suspects were going to assault her friend for refusing to have sex.

Suspect 1 was identified by Austin Police as Keira Hall, age 18. Hall was charged, and now faces a $35.000 bond.