Forever Families: Mike, Mariah & Delilah

Mike, Mariah and Delilah are looking for a forever family. (Photo: CBS Austin)

Three Central Texas siblings have big dreams and want to share them as a family. With a smile that could light up a room, we asked Delilah, the oldest of her siblings, to describe her brother and sister.

"How I would describe Mariah is she's funny here and there. How I would describe Mikey...he gets annoying sometimes," said Delilah.

The description makes little brother Mike smile. We asked Mike how he would describe his sister Delilah.

"Way annoying," he said with a laugh.

The kids are close in age, 11, 10 and 9. They suit up for a little friendly competition at Spare Time Texas in Pflugerville and tell CBS Austin what they'd like in a forever family.

"A family that don't fight so much or argue. They love us," said Delilah.

All three have big dreams. Mike wants to be a running back for the Dallas Cowboys. Mariah wants to be a police officer and Delilah a doctor.

"Just because I like to help people," said Delilah.

You can read their bio and learn more about adopting a Central Texas foster child here.

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