Forever Families: Casimiro

10-year-old Casimiro is looking for his forever family. (Photo: CBS Austin)

CBS Austin is starting a brand new weekly series called Forever Families. There are more than 700 Central Texas kids that are eligible for adoption. Through our relationship with the non-profit organization, Partnerships for Children, we'll introduce you and share their stories.

10-year-old Casimiro is having one of the best days of his life.

"He watched Thomas the Train on DVD one time and fell in love with it," said Steven Lopez, Casi's caregiver.

Lopez has worked with Casi for years to teach life skills and help him build a bright future.

"He's very bright. He's very smart. Just that he grows up to be a good man," said Lopez.

For the first time ever, Casi gets on board the train at Cedar Rock Railroad in Williamson County. Timid at first, we started to see his smile. It's days like this, Lopez knows there's a family who is waiting for Casi to complete it.

"Very loving. A lot of attention. He's very loving as well. Someone who is willing to care for him and the special needs that he has," said Lopez.

We asked Lopez what it would mean for Casi to find his forever family?

"It would mean a lot. It would mean our work actually pays off. The work we do with him," said Lopez.

Read more about Casi and learn more about adoption by visiting the Heart Gallery of Central Texas and watch Forever Families on CBS Austin every Wednesday Night at 6:30.

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