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Road Trippin' La Grange: Fayette County Fair

Road Trippin' La Grange: Fayette County Fair

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The first Fair held in Fayette County was before World War I, and was a flower and industrial fair. This was a small fair, but as it became more popular it outgrew the grounds and the building the building where it was held.

A meeting was held on January 3, 1924, to create the La Grange Fair Association whose purpose was to encourage agriculture and horticulture, and to maintain public fairs and the exhibition of stock and farm products. The Fair has come a long way since its beginning in 1927. Many improvements have been made to keep up with the ever increasing attendance each year. The Fair was originally held in October, but was later changed to the permanent date of the Labor Day Weekend.

In 2015 the Fayette County Fair had an attendance of about 50,000 people.

The Fayette County Fair runs September 1-4, 2016. The entertainment lineup for the 2016 Fayette County Fair is as follows:

  • Wade Bowen - Saturday 9/3 8p-9:30p
  • Randy Rogers Band - Saturday 9/3 10p-11:30p
  • Charley Pride - Sunday 9/4 7p-8:30p
  • Gary Allan - Sunday 9/4 9:00p