Movability Austin Cutting Congestion with Commute Chats

Movability Austin hits the streets and visits local businesses to help commuters find a better way to work

Looking for options other than driving to work may seem daunting.

But staff and interns with "Movability Austin" are getting out and talking to commuters about their options. Traffic anchor Ashley Roberts joined the non-profit for one of their "Commute Chats".

"Movability Austin" is moving and shaking on the streets of downtown by helping people find new ways to work through an initiative called "Transform Your Trip".

"Much like a lemonade stand. Where we're going out mid-day and catching employees as they're going to and coming back from lunch," says Movability Austin director, Glenn Gadbois. {}

Gadbois says they also work with local companies to give free, one-on-one "commute chats".

"It's basically you and I are gonna go through what your commute is like," says Alix Scarborough.

Scarborough visited "Mutual Mobile"{} to help Kris Monier who lives near Ben White Boulevard.{} He has struggled finding a stress-free commute.

"Like this bus would come by, and it would be completely full, the bike rack would be completely full," Monier explains.

Scarborough suggested driving to the bus stop and taking the bus. Voila! Problem solved.

"I had kind of put, you know, these different transportation methods in these buckets: bus, or Car2Go, or drive by car, and I didn't think about putting hybrid together," says Monier.

Mutual Mobile manager Judson Moore is encouraging all employees to explore new options by giving them the right tools.

"I think it's part of our civic duty and responsibility to our city to help make those things become easier options," he says.

One commute conquered.{} Many others to go.

By Ashley Roberts

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