Local Mom Raises $70K For Flood Victims

A Hays County woman set out to raise a few hundred dollars for local flood victims and so far her effort has collected more than $70,000... and counting.{} All it took was a simple idea and people like you and me to spread the word.

A lot of people were moved to action by images of destruction from the Memorial Weekend flooding.{} They rolled up their sleeves and joined in the clean-up.

Michelle Harper, President and CEO of United Way of Hays County, says she was inspired by the volunteerism.{} She adds, "We've seen hundreds of people just step up and volunteer but people like Lauren-- a mom with two small children-- can't come and volunteer."

She's talking about Lauren Flake, a stay-at-home mom who lives near Buda.{} Lauren told us, "When the floods happened I didn't know what to do.{} I felt helpless.{} I felt I needed to do something to help."{} But then it hit her: Sell t-shirts online to raise money to help the flood victims.{} Lauren says, "I made this one design. It was pretty simple, and I think we had sold 20 shirts in the first hour or so.{} And I thought, 'Man, this might really go somewhere you know.'"

Thanks to Facebook, sales of her "Texasstrong" t-shirt are now in the thousands with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the United Way of Hays County flood relief.{} That means she's helping people in Wimberley, San Marcos, Martindale, the whole area.

If you want to be a part of this fundraiser go to the following link to go directly to Lauren's T-shirt store.

You can also learn more about Lauren Flake through her blog dedicated to her mother, Dixie, who died after early-onset Alzheimer's Disease.{} That address is:

By Fred Cantu